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An awe-inspiring continent of immense contrasts

From the vibrant lights of New York to the wild landscapes of Arizona and Alaska and the beautiful beaches of California and Hawaii, the USA has a diverse array of experiences to offer every traveller. You’ll encounter dramatic scenery, hospitable locals, world-class theatre and nightlife, ancient historical sites, awe-inspiring landscapes and an abundance of unique wildlife. 

The USA is a massive country, including Alaska and Hawaii, so we recommend selecting a region that will offer the most and best experiences that are of special interest to you. Our expert travel consultants can help you craft a USA experience designed for your budget and holiday timeframe, whether you’re a solo traveller, going with a friend or partner, or have the kids along for the ride of a lifetime.

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Where to go in North America

Things you should know about North America

South America is home to five of the top 50 largest cities in the world: Sao Paulo, Lima, Bogota, Rio and Santiago. 

The Andes, on the western side of the continent, is the longest mountain range in the world. 

Suriname is the smallest of South America’s 12 countries. 

Tips and advice from our travel advisors

Don’t change money at airports, unless it's just a small amount, as the rates are usually very poor. If you need some cash, draw out of an official bank ATM for your cash.
Silvana Gottini
World Travellers Motueka
Take suitable clothing to Patagonia. Waterproof clothing is essential. Winds can reach 180 kph and are more persistent in the summer. Snow can fall even in the summer.
Sue Beechey
World Travellers Riccarton

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