Asian Hats

26 October 2023

We wear many hats at Galaxy-and we actually do have many hats displayed-with most of them Asian. A unique Thai ethnic black number with silver and bright wool brought back from a hilltribe in Northern Thailand. Six Vietnam coolies in bright colours, blue, pink, yellow. Some cotton knitted scull caps in bright colours-I am thinking maybe Syria?? But I cannot remember..then that brings me to think about how many Asian destinations we have been to. The more common ones close to home-Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Some further afield ones-India, Maldives, Nepal, Hong Kong, China. And even Mongolia (still Asia?) Turkey (eastern is classified Asia) Syria, (not sure if part of the Asia classification-probably Middle East), but Iran, and Pakistan. In another life, I travelled by expedition truck (Exodus) from London to Kathmandu, quite common at the time, and that ticked off a whole heap. Then in 2018, we did a Trans Mongolian Railway adventure starting in Beijing and ending in St Petersburg. So that was another Asian adventure. I’m thinking about our Sunday cycle tour through Beijing, on the most clapped out, and assorted array of bikes, our tour leader oblivious to us peddling frantically behind-she was on her cellphone the whole time. Coming up to a HUGE intersection with 4 lanes in every direction and having to cross it, all the traffic stopped -hoping it doesn’t start again when we are in the middle. Losing half the group-our tour leader taking no notice! So many, many stories to accompany each Asian experience. Under our names on our website you can check which countries we have been to. But for me-like Pacific Islands-each Asian country is different, but they always have wonderful, normal, people, going about their lives, not dissimilar to ours, in their Asian way.

- Jo

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