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19 October 2023

The Galaxy Gals  held a cruise event Tuesday night in our beautiful office,  with Volcanic Hill wine, and Bronwyn from Cruiseworld, filling our heads with some fairly different cruise ideas. We are not competitive in here (really?) but there was a bit of a thing about who had cruised the most. So we actually delved in to our memories, (some had to delve more than others) to add up the cruises we had experienced. The sum total between the four of us was 15, which was also the answer to question 9 in the quiz.

However, while listening to Bronwyn, I realized I had forgotten two! Cruising Galapagos, and a Captain Cook Fiji cruise, were not in my tally. How could I forget Galapagos? An expedition type experience. Small ship, experts in ornithology and flora and fauna on board, Rubber ducky (inflatable) excursions to shore. Active, interesting, manageable, personal. My best experience in Galapagos was swimming with the Sealions-it was actually a snorkelling excursion, but the sealions turned up to play, and it was such cool fun!

Now I have a similar cruise experience next month to Antarctica, which I am counting down to, with huge excitement. Starting to think about clothing (warm jackets, and ice boots provided). The Paihia Bombers arrived in the post yesterday (from Paihia Pharmacy!) Very good seasick tablets. There may be big waves, and seasick, and cold, BUT, there is also sleeping on the ice for a night without dark, snowshoeing, the option of a polar plunge (not for me although I have enough blubber to keep me warm), kayaking. I am hoping the whales turn up although it is too early. Small ship, experts on board, active, interesting, manageable, personal.   

So my tally has already increased by two, now remembered, and will increase by one more in November, and I will be equal to Michelle, but we are not competitive, no!

How to choose a cruise? We can help. - Jo

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