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Wow! Not only was our picturesque 6-day cruise from Strasbourg to Amstersdam aboard ms Gerald Schmitter an incredible experience... it was pretty good value too! Having sampled my way through the wonderful wine service with lunch and dinner (and other times too of course), partaken in the cocktail menu, sipped on G&T's, cognacs and ports - my bar bill was only 4.00 Euro at the end of my glorious week! How is that possible you may wonder, well, it's because when you cruise aboard CroisiEurope, it's ALL inclusive!

CroisiEurope cruises range from 4 to 18 days & from about $250 per person/per day/twin share as clients only pay for top shelf... so although that one glass of champagne was spectacular, with the incredible range of bubbles from regions such as Provence & Bordeaux, it was only right that we sampled those too! And lucky for us coffee-loving New Zealanders - fabulous barista coffees are included too!

Come in and have a chat with me about river cruising - there's so much more I can share with you!

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