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I’m not sure about you, but I am over the traffic, the shopping, the frantic and tiring tradition of Christmas. We like to get away from it all and let someone else make all the preparations for us. I have spent many Christmas’s away from home in Rarotonga, Fiji, Cruising etc. and this year Vanuatu called.

The short 3 hour flight to Port Vila is a breeze and arriving in the tropics a real hit to the system. Bring on the cocktails and swimming pool !!!

We choose to spend our week at the Ramada Resort Port Vila. Opened in March 2017 it still had the “new” feel about it and exceeded our expectations.

The resort is set on a very steep hill with reception at the top and most of the rooms, restaurant, bar, pool etc. down at the bottom of the hill lagoon front. Fear not though, if a walk up or down that steep hill is beyond you in the 30 degree + heat, they have efficient golf buggies to transport you up and down.

Our room type was Junior Suite which are set on the flat with amazing views out over the beautiful lagoon. The rooms were spacious, well equipped and extremely comfortable. With a full kitchen, we were able to shop at the markets in town and have lunches and nibbles on our deck during the day.

The swimming pool was great and with a swim up bar it made it even more enticing, however we found ourselves swimming more and more in the lagoon. It was clean, safe, deep and cool - a great place to while away the hours.Vanuatu has really cleaned itself up from Cyclone Pam and the new waterfront walkway (paid with NZ government funding) is a great updated addition to the waterfront in Port Villa. Take a stroll along it to find some great bars and cafes, enjoy the waterfront markets and mix with the locals as this is their town too and they love it.

A couple of great mentions for dinner…

The Blue Marlin Club: stunning scenery, stunning décor, stunning staff and absolutely stunning meals. Don’t be fooled by the look of the place from the road… you will be sooo impressed once you walk through the doors. Check it out at

The Stonegrill Restaurant: exactly what it says – stone grilled at your table. Nice casual atmosphere, great service and exceptional food.

Where ever you choose to spend your Christmas’s I’m sure you will enjoy… just for once though, try something a little different and experience how other’s spend their day.

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