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Girls Trip to Sydney - 6 nights and 7 days with 8 girls!

Vanesha’s story - a past valued staff member

How do you plan a holiday with 8 girls smoothly? You start with the luggage!!!

That’s where we thought we would take advantage of the four night cruise departing Sydney to Auckland on the Pacific Sun which allows you to bring back 2 x 32 kilos per person!!! Plus hand luggage!

So we started our trip departing Auckland on Qantas to Sydney where our luggage allowance was 1 piece 20 kilos per person (of course the second secret bag for shopping was discreetly hidden from our husbands in the first bag under our Pj’s!)

Arriving into Sydney, the immigration staff were fantastic, giving us those handsome smiles and asking for our phone numbers...(again the husbands don’t need to know about that!) making our way to the hotel seemed to take forever as the traffic in Sydney was crazy!!! (40 mins) where as we love our 3 car traffic in Rotorua!

Our accommodation was in the heart of the city on George St, which was very central, we were within walking distance to China Town, Paddy’s Market, Massive Shopping Malls, and Darling Harbour. Shopping being the priority, we set out as soon as we could!! The best thing about being so central was that we could walk back to the accommodation across the road from the markets and malls, and drop off the shopping bags for the next round!! Especially when you only have two days in Sydney!

Sydney Monorail is a fantastic way to see heart of Sydney, the monorail travels through the City and winds its way above Chinatown, the Spanish Quarter, over Sydney’s main street, George Street, takes you through the shopping heart of the City. The Monorail then travels past the historic Queen Victoria Building to the entertainment and dining mecca of Darling Harbour.

Stopping at all of Sydney’s best attractions, Sydney Monorail is the perfect combination of easy transport and an essential Sydney experience.

For the times that you’re not shopping or seeing shows you will need to eat! They had fantastic breakfast place called Pancakes on the Rocks which is a must!!! as well as many other great cafes & restaurants looking on to the Sydney Harbour.

With great sadness, our two days in Sydney was coming to an end, all shopping completed, time to get ready for the next part of our holiday!!! Let’s get cruising!!!!!

You could do this too, contact Vanesha.

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