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(By Brooke Bailey)

I lived in London from March 2006-October 2010 so I am well versed on how to get around and to give advice on some sightseeing ideas that may not be in your travel brochures.

If you are visiting London try to time you visit so you are there over a weekend that way you can visit at least one of the many markets my favourites are Borough Market for the food and also Brick Lane market for vintage clothes, or for a mix of everything try Portobello Rd or Spitalfield’s markets.

When I first arrived in London I lived and worked in a hostel in Holborn a block away from the British Museum, the Museum is free but they quite often have special exhibits that you need to book in advance for so I would recommend checking the internet before your visit to see what is on, I saw the terracotta warriors and had to book weeks in advance, there is a fee for special exhibits.

A lot of people also don’t realise that you can walk around central London - Get a good map and put some walking shoes on and walk around the sights this way you will discover some great places, a favourite sightseeing walk of mine is from Waterloo station to St Pauls cathedral via the Tate modern you walk all along the Thames and it is just beautiful If you get tired stop at one of the many riverside pubs for a pint!

Fancy a night at the Theatre? Go to Leicester Square and see what is available on discounted tickets, but if there is something you defiantly want to see then ask us to pre-book.

Pick up one of London’s free papers Metro in the morning and the London paper or evening standard in the evening, these have what’s on and happening in London, including any special offers.

Visit Greenwich, You need to allow a full day to get the most out of it but it is well worth it take the ferry up and the train back if you visit on a weekend they also have a market.

Regents Park for Primrose hill, an elevated point of London where you can get some great pictures of the skyline unlike the London eye it’s free and there is no queue!

Brick Lane for a cheap Indian meal! This street is full of curry houses all wanting your business you can barter for the best deal, don’t stop until you are offered a half-price meal and a free bottle of wine!

Since working back in New Zealand I often get asked about Oyster cards and should people invest in them

Oyster cards are great if you are only going to be using public transport now and then say two or three times a day in Zone 1-3 the fare using an Oyster card in Zone 1 is approx 1.20 each time you use transport, if you run out of credit you simply top up, or if you don’t use all your credit you can get it refunded, they are easy to use if you use the tube/bus without an Oyster card the fare is double.

If you plan to venture out of London perhaps down to Brighton for the day off-peak travel is much cheaper all this means if you buy an off-peak ticket you can’t travel before 10.00am.

There is so much to see and do I could go on all day so if you want to know more or have any questions please get in touch!

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