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This summer there has been a feast of ships visiting Tauranga port, 84 in total and out of the several I have been over to look - needs to run on through I think my favourite has been the Marina – an Oceania Cruise line ship. She was just magnificent and I could have easily stayed on.

I have been over to look through I think my favourite has been the Marina – an Oceania Cruise line ship.

She was just magnificent and I could have easily stayed on board and sailed away.

You would call this Mid-sized ship catering for only 1,250 people an elegant boutique ship that has every small detail thought of in its construction. Built only 2 years ago she is modern but not gaudy, she is elegant but not over the top, she has flair but not extravagant. She would be a delight for anyone wanting something just a little special. As you come up the gang way you are met with service plus.

Oceania crew are especially trained and only the very best in their fields are employed. The foyer of the ship just blew me away it was just beautiful. A very elegant stair case, magnificent paintings in the foyer and throughout the ship. The Marina is for the foodie person who also wants those out of the way destinations as well.

Mariana has 8 restaurants all with elegant decor, all with magnificent food, all with an incredible selection of wine. You can pre-purchase a wine package before sailing and use this in any of the 6 restaurants. There is only one restaurant that you pay for – 7 course meal with 7 different wines. For a group of friends you are with or have made on board the ship you can host a party in the most exclusive onboard dinning venue, Privee. You can have a selection of food and wine from each of the other 4 restaurants in just one area. You will be blown away with the decor. If you are not into the fine dining don’t panic you still have plenty of other options.

For those days at sea Marina has your day planned for you with a very inviting pool and lounge area, they have a Bon Appétit Culinary Centre – the only cooking school at sea to offer handon instructions. There is a very extensive library for those who just want the luxury of being able to read a book a day while enjoying the huge leather lounge chairs while drinking coffee from the Cappuccino bar just down the corridor.

There are award-winning, destination-intensive European itineraries ranging from 7 to 24 days. Overnights and extended stays in many ports which allows for in depth exploring.

A Marina Cruise is on my bucket list – what about yours?


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