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Shop till your drop.... at Los Angeles

25 February 2014



Just when you are ending your trip, and having to check out of your hotel in the morning, knowing your flight back to New Zealand is not until early evening, you have visions of being lumbered with your bags and all day to fill in.  We have the perfect solution for you.  CITADEL Outlets are the only outlet shopping centre in Los Angeles. The package is called SHOP TIL YOU DROP OFF......

Spend that last day squeezing in that last bit of shopping at Outlet store prices.  These packages include a transfer to Citadel and back to the Airport.  Clients can pick up branded items at a fraction of the cost found in New Zealand.  Citadel will store your suitcases so you can repack and add those extra items.  There is a VIP lounge, free Starbucks coffee, TV and cold drinks and food ideal for a rest in between your shopping.  So next time you are in Los Angeles, and you have a day to fill in think Citadel.

Think Perfect Solution for my last day in Los Angeles.

Think Galaxy Shopping Gals for all the great tips! Think Lisa..

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