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Brenda Richardson -Christchurch

Brenda Richardson -Christchurch Travel Professional

Phone: +64 21 169 9903
Mobile: +64 21 169 9903

After a small break from the travel industry, I have followed my heart and am now looking forward to helping people have some of their own fantastic travel experiences.From exploring the history of Europe to the exotic Asia area's the world is yours to see.I have travelled as a backpacker through many parts of the world, worked as a tour guide in Europe, spent time on a kibbutz in Israel, family holidays in Asia, Australia and South Pacific and aim to do lots more.

As a mother of two who loves to travel I want to make sure everything for your holiday goes as smoothly as possible.So I am here to help with flights, accommodation, tours, cruises, activities, travel insurance and anything else in-between, anywhere in the world.I look forward to booking your next adventure, whether it is a weekend away in Waiheke or that round the world cruise.

Remember the world is yours to explore and experience......

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