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Fiona Chapman - Broker

Fiona Chapman - Broker Travel Consultant

Mobile: 0275 330 234

I’m a travel expert in…

…Fiji, Rarotonga, Vietnam, Bali, Europe, Asia and the the good old 'Family holiday'!

I became a World Traveller by…

…leaving NZ at 22 to backpack through the UK on an extended holiday for 6 months. 3.5 years later - I returned to New Zealand! I worked in Wales and the UK, and spent the summers travelling through western & eastern Europe and the Middle East, before retuning to NZ via Asia. I have worked in the travel industry for almost 20 years and am incredilby passionate about all things travel!

My best travelling experience is…

... all of them! I do a lot of research and planning into the not only my clients' holidays but also my own travel. I try to go somewhere different every year, if not the country then the area or accommodation. Travel is in my blood and as the saying goes, 'go to as many places as you can, for we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.'

I never travel without…

... my phone for photos and so that I can skite to family back home of where I am

... Lucas pawpaw cream as it's great for everything from scratches to bites and it's also a good lip balm that doesn't melt when you're at the beach

...Curash Talc powder if I'm travelling with wee ones as it's great for heat rash

...Zip lock bags that are great for kids' snacks, protecting your valuables, medication, and for stashing that extra muffin from the buffet for later. :)

My favourite client story is

...when one of my clients of more than 10 years had a big anniversary in Rarotonga and through various contacts, I was able to arrange flowers upon check-in at the airport, they got champagne when they sat down on the plane, and the pilot mentioned their special anniversary during his onboard welcome. I also got them upgraded at their hotel, and a cake on their anniversary day. They were blown away!

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