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Jo Van Der Woude

Jo Van Der Woude Administrator

Phone: 07 349 7443

Hi, Jo here - administrator for Galaxy Travel Rotorua. I started my journey here with the fabulous ladies on 19th June 2014. I've found the people I work with to be wonderfully friendly and helpful as I negotiated my way around a foreign (to me anyway) system. My husband and I have 2 children, both at University. I have lived in Rotorua since I was a child and love the proximity to lakes, ocean, mountains and cities.

I love to travel, whether it is to our bach at Te Kaha or Ohiwa Harbour, or to Europe to visit extended family. I did my OE in 2000 (seems like a lifetime ago), meeting up with my sister in London, working in Holland and touring Europe in a Combi van (very Kiwi!) I was lucky enough to go back to that side of the world in 2010 for a family wedding.

My husband, Dean and I took our children on a 3 week cruise around the South Pacific in 2009 and I highly recommend cruising to families – so relaxing and the kids are entertained for you. In 2015 we experienced Bali - love that place.

Working here has done nothing but whet my appetite for more travel adventures.

Look forward to seeing you instore soon.

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