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Lynley Baker -Tauranga

Lynley Baker -Tauranga Travel Professional

Mobile: +64 21 136 4555

I'm a travel expert in...

... I love all things Disney!! My absolute passion is the USA and anything that is Disney or theme park related. I also love to Cruise (even better if its on a Disney Ship), Whether it be an Ocean or River Cruise I can help you decide on which product suits you best.

I became a Fuzion Travel Advisor because...

... Having spent the last 15 years in both retail and corporate travel I decided that I wanted to give my clients a more personable service. Being able to work my own hours and provide a service and location that works best for my clients. I am more than happy to meet at clients homes, in a cafe or over a glass of wine.

My best travelling experience is ...

... Having the opportunity to turn left at the Airplane Door instead of right.. Business Class and Premium Economy are now more affordable than they ever were. So nice to experience the best seats, best food and drinks, and best service.

I never travel without...

... Travel Insurance. This is an absolute must and you never know when or where you may need it. I strongly recommend purchasing this at the same time you purchase your flights - even if you are not flying for months. I recently had to cancel a trip due to illness and was completely covered.

My favourite client story is...

... Getting clients home when they missed their flights. I received an early morning phone call from my clients who told me they were sitting having breakfast at the resort when they realised that there flight was at 10am that day NOT 10pm (which is what they thought). I managed to get them on the next days flight and sort out their extra accommodation and transport.

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4

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