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Russell Mein

Russell Mein Travel Specialist

Phone: 03 341 0175

I'm a travel expert in ...
... Africa, South America, Asia & any complicated long haul journeys.

I became a World Traveller by ...
... spending most of my 30's & 40's travelling off the beaten track to remote & adventurous destinations

My best travelling experience is ...
... living & working as a volunteer in a Mozambique orphanage for a few months - a true reality check with 1,000 kids. Africa has to be my favourite continent with its diversity in cultures, people & wildlife.

I never travel without ...
... swiss army knife & credit card.

My favourite client's story is ...
... to many to mention. I love getting client feedback to update my knowledge & give people a chance to share their experiences

Travel Industry Qualified - National Certificate in Travel - Level 4
  • "

    I've worked with World Travellers for many years, through all the name changes. It is basically the staff at Riccarton that make it such a success, specifically Russell Mein.


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