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Elliott Travel, Gisborne

Elliott Travel is locally owned and operated and offers award-winning service for holiday and business travellers, with the latest deals and first-hand knowledge of worldwide destinations. We guarantee that your total satisfaction will be our highest priority at all times. Whatever it takes, we'll take care of it for you. We’ll find the best deal for you and organise everything you need. Our personal, professional approach ensures your journeys are hassle-free. It’s our savvy travel designers that make the difference, and that’s not just our opinion.

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  • "Because the whole trip was well planned and executed and any unforeseen incidents that came up, were taken care of promptly and efficiently."
  • "We have always had personal service with all our requests being met."
  • "Always get great service from David - he just says it as it is, doesnt fluff around and listens to what we want."

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